Did I miss something? How did the other anon c…

Did I miss something? How did the other anon come to the conclusion that Haneul is deaf? The previous comic says Haneul loves mommy Solar singing her to sleep and the one before Haneul understood mommy Byul muttering about forgetting something on the shopping list and responded to remind her. Is it because her teacher was signing to her? If I'm not wrong that's actually a method to communicate with babies who have yet learn to speak. Hmmm…

Ah! That’s true, the thing is that I have explained this on Twitter but not here! So I will try to make a little resume.

Yes, haneul is actually deaf! It have been like that since birth. But haneul is very smart and is good interpreting things. In the grocery store I wanted to make byul doing sign language for her, but I wanted people to just see the characters before introducing the sign language. In that chapter you can assume byul just showed her the list but her distressed face gave a hint to haneul that something was missing, so she assumed it was the tteobbokki.

Moonbyul and solar keep talking to her! Along with the sign language, they want her to feel as normal as posible and get used to people talking even though she can’t hear them.

For a comic is kind of difficult to just draw the sign language for everything, so I will just place some of them along with the dialog but at the end, the characters sign everything so haneul can understand ^^

In the chapter “tall” is when I first introduced the sign language, Byul making the sign for “tall”

In the chapter when solar was singing to haneul, Byul was saying that haneul loved when Yong sang, but the real thing is that haneul just enjoy feeling the heart beating and the soft movements when sleeping over her mama’s chest, along with the low frequency vibrations that she can feel!

I’m working right now with a teacher in a school for deaf kids here in Germany so I’m kind of applying the knowledge I’m getting there ^^ (but in the comic I use American sign language instead of German sign language.

Still haneul won’t be treated much different from other kids, and the plot of the comic is more about the moonsun and the family instead of just her kid being deaf because I want to show haneul as a normal happy little penguin as she was meant to be 💕💕💕💕💕